Here at Traps.co.nz we take making New Zealand predator free seriously. We have taken great care in sourcing and manufacturing a wide range of products to meet your needs.


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Possum Dough - Aniseed - 2 kgPossum Dough - Aniseed - 2 kg
Possum Dough - Aniseed - 2 kg Sale price$32.00 (Ex GST)
TRAPS Leg-hold Trap
TRAPS Leg-hold Trap Sale price$9.95 (Ex GST)
Sold out
Possum Dough - Aniseed - 5 kgPossum Dough - Aniseed - 5 kg
Possum Dough - Aniseed - 5 kg Sale price$68.00 (Ex GST)
Wax Tags - PlainWax Tags - Plain
Wax Tags - Plain Sale price$1.95 (Ex GST)
Sold out
Trapinator Possum TrapTrapinator Possum Trap
Trapinator Possum Trap Sale price$49.95 (Ex GST)
Timms Possum Trap
Timms Possum Trap Sale price$69.00 (Ex GST)
BT200 Trap and Box SetBT200 Trap and Box Set
BT200 Trap and Box Set Sale price$94.00 (Ex GST)
Possum & Rat Lure - 1 kgPossum & Rat Lure - 1 kg
Possum & Rat Lure - 1 kg Sale price$39.50 (Ex GST)
Sold out
Sentry Plus Bait Station 600gSentry Plus Bait Station 600g
Sentry Plus Bait Station 600g Sale price$14.95 (Ex GST)
Sold out
Sentinel Possum Kill TrapSentinel Possum Kill Trap
Sentinel Possum Kill Trap Sale price$49.95 (Ex GST)
Romark Possum Bait StationRomark Possum Bait Station
Romark Possum Bait Station Sale price$6.50 (Ex GST)
Possum & Rat Lure - 2 kgPossum & Rat Lure - 2 kg
Possum & Rat Lure - 2 kg Sale price$75.00 (Ex GST)
Glo TagsGlo Tags
Glo Tags Sale price$1.20 (Ex GST)
Sold out
Sentry Bait Station - 200gSentry Bait Station - 200g
Sentry Bait Station - 200g Sale price$9.95 (Ex GST)
Chew Cards - Peanut - High DensityChew Cards - Peanut - High Density
Chew Cards - Peanut - High Density Sale price$0.50 (Ex GST)
Possum & Rat Lure - 10 kgPossum & Rat Lure - 10 kg
Possum & Rat Lure - 10 kg Sale price$360.00 (Ex GST)
Chew Cards - Aniseed - High DensityChew Cards - Aniseed - High Density
Chew Cards - Aniseed - High Density Sale price$0.50 (Ex GST)
Bush Master No.1 Right Hand Spring
Bush Master No.1 Right Hand Spring Sale price$1.75 (Ex GST)