Bush Master No.1 Right Hand Spring

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These springs are high quality powerful springs that will increase the tension on the jaws of your leg-hold traps. They will pay for them selves quickly because they will reduce the number of possums escaping from your traps. The traps retain their tension over many years because they are made from high quality 3mm Japanese spring steel. Other trap springs are just 2.5mm.

  • Very powerful trap springs that will fit all good quality leg-hold traps including the PCR leg-hold trap.
  • Made from mm high-quality Japanese spring steel. All other trap springs are 2.5 mm.
  • Tension will remain on your traps for many years.
  • Rejuvenate your traps so they are more powerful

    Set live capture traps are required to be checked within 12 hours of sunrise, as per the Animal Welfare Act.

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