Timms Possum Trap

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The Timms traps has been available for at least 30 years as a possum kill trap and has become a household name in New Zealand. The trap is a yellow plastic box with a hole in the front that the possum puts its head into to access the bait. Inside the box is a spring loaded bar that strikes the possum under the chin when it sets off the trap. This cuts off the possums wind-pipe so that the possum becomes unconscious and then dies from lack of oxygen.

Setting the trap is easily achieved by pulling a string located at the back of the trap. The trap can be baited with a slice of apple or our chocolate flavoured polymer based block bait that is available on this site.

Developed for safe use around houses
  • Suitable for orchard and lifestyle blocks
  • Robust, simple and highly visible yellow plastic design
  • Easily set by simply pulling cord at rear of trap
  • Can be placed on ground, trees, roofs or almost anywhere (but be careful with domestic pets!)
  • Meets NAWAC guidelines when used correctly

NOTE: We do not ship outside of New Zealand