Possum Dough - Aniseed - 2 kg

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Possum Dough was developed by the famous pest control inventor Mike Holden. Mike developed the product because there was a demand in the market for a product that fur hunters and possum control contractors could use to stick onto control devices such as the triggers of kill traps, inside bait stations or on trees and posts behind leg-hold traps.

The stickiness helps prevent the lure falling onto the ground or being washed away by the rain as occurs when using simple flour and icing sugar lures. It is also excellent for possum and rat detection devices such as chew-cards.

It is highly palatable to possums and rats to the point where they will eat away all the bark on the tree where the lure was attached. This Possum Dough is the ideal bait to stick onto control devices to draw in possums and rats.

  • Specially formulated so that it adheres to trap triggers, bait stations and trees and posts
  • Highly attractive to possums and rats
  • Water resistant, will stand up to a large amount of rainfall
  • Will last for months in a sealed container
  • Does not go mouldy when used in the field
  • Stored in a convenient plastic pail to help keep dough fresh for longer.
  • Aniseed Flavour

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